mercoledì 26 marzo 2008

Floh de Cologne

The first live album of the krautrock band (but today we can call it RIO group) Floh De Cologne was this Rockoper Profitgeiger, released in 1971, with such line-up: Hansi Frank / drums; - Dieter Klemm / voice; - Markus Schmidt / guitar; - Dick Stadter / bass; - Gerd Wolfschon / percussions, voice. Their music sometimes remember to myself the Cap. Beefheart's (and The Magic Band) sound, although they sing in German and their music is very original! Enjoy!!
Rockoper @ 128 kbps

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good morning!how are you?

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I think you're Patrick...anyway I'm fine thanks.

Anonimo ha detto...

yes it s me!happy you re fine!